Quality Assurance Feedback and Evaluation Survey

Thank you for using Alpha Beta Mediation Services we hope you had a good mediation experience with us. If you have any comments and a few minutes to spare please complete our mediation quality assurance questionnaire which is available on request. However if you would just like to give us a 30-second snapshot of our services please see below.

1. Are you happy with the way we handled your mediation?


2. Are there any improvements you would like to see?


3.Do you wish to make a complaint? [you have the right to make a fuller complaint please see our mediation complaints procedure]


Thank you, your comments are really important to us.

Please email info@alphabetamediation.co.uk or phone Huddersfield 01484 301 325 or London 020 7383 2067 or 0207 383 3730 if you have any queries or want a copy of our quality assurance questionnaire to complete.