Matthew Thomas

Matthew Thomas Family Mediator

Matthew Thomas Family Mediator

Matthew Thomas is a family mediator with experience of working with therapists specialising particularly in family, substance abuse and trauma, Matt heads Alpha Beta Mediation’s “Therapeutic Mediation” service where he along with a trained and specialised therapist form his mediation A-Team, the purpose being to make it possible to mediate where otherwise it may have been too volatile, or even where previously mediation was deemed unsuitable.

As a Music Executive, Matt is highly trained in negotiation and ADR, and he has successfully combined these skills along with his mediation and interpersonal skills to make him a fully formed and well rounded 21st Century Mediator.

With his professional background in the Music and Creative Industry Matt brings to the mediation room, a style of his own. Along with his experience of resolving disputes involving musicians and other creative “artistes” and this experience, of dealing with very difficult and litigious divorce matters Matt is one of our most sought after mediators and one of Alpha Beta Mediation’s rising performers.

Matt combines his mediation practice with his consultancy services at Phoenix Artists and when he has time Matt is a volunteer for Mediate Dorset, where he provides Community Mediation and Marketing services.


1991-2001 Mercury Music – Head Of Marketing

2001-2003 Universal Music Australia – Marketing Director

2003-2007 Warner Bros Record UK – Marketing Director

2007 Phoenix Artist Management and Consultancy

2012 Alpha Beta Mediation, Mediate Dorset