Community Mediations

Community mediations primarily involve inter-personal conflicts such as: 

  • neighbour disputes
  • noise nuisance
  • landlord & tenant disputes
  • service charges disputes
  • anti-social behaviour
  • resident tenancy association disputes
  • property and estate management

Community mediations help bring neighbours and friends, landlords and tenants back together again and we have accredited and fully insured mediators with professional ADR skills to help get participants talking again.

Community mediations can be conducted free of charge subject to most circumstances but are in any event heavily subsidised in all circumstances. Community mediations are normally conducted as near to the participants homes or workplaces as possible in order to keep costs down and they can be as formal as the participants like so that a community mediated agreement can be a legally binding contract.   

There is nothing worse that a dispute between neighbours, community mediation restores communications and relationships.

What does it cost?
DOWNLOAD>pdf Community Mediation Fees 2018