Mediation Complaints Procedure

Alpha Beta Mediation is committed in its aim to providing a friendly and high-quality mediation service. If you would like to make a complaint please follow the Alpha Beta Mediation complaints procedure. 

Mediation Complaints Procedure

Complaints about mediation services are dealt with by the relevant office [Huddersfield or London]. The complaint has to be filed within 1 month of any act or omission or other reason for the complaint. Unless there are exceptional circumstances complaints made after this time will not normally be considered.

To complain you can write to the relevant office or email as appropriate. Please ensure all documents you would like to be considered are included in your complaint. If the matter is urgent please contact 01484 301 325 or 020 7383 2067 or 020 7383 3730 lines are open from 10am until 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note the Alpha Beta Mediation service level for dealing with a complaint is 4 weeks however where operationally possible Alpha Beta Mediation will endeavour to work ahead of quoted service level.

First Stage 

Once a complaint has been received it will be acknowledged within 7-working days. Following this an investigation will commence normally involving but not limited to reviewing correspondence and documentation and speaking to all parties concerned including the mediator.

This first stage of the complaints procedure process may take up to 4-weeks but again Alpha Beta Mediation will endeavour to work ahead of its quoted service level where operationally possible. If more time is needed the complainant will be notified. A detailed first stage letter confirming how the investigation was assessed, what has been discovered and what if any action is to be taken will be sent.

Second Stage Procedure

There is a right of review following the first stage if a complainant is unsatisfied with the first stage outcome. The complainant should contact the relevant office first quoting any reference number given and giving reasons for the review. The relevant office will arrange for a person unconnected with the first stage process to review the first stage decision and this will normally involve but not be limited to reviewing the first stage investigation. A complainant will be informed of the final stage review in most circumstances within 4 weeks.

A complainant has the right to complain to the Civil Mediation Council following the review if not satisfied by visiting or by emailing the Registrar at