Family, Civil & Commercial Mediation Services

Welcome to Alpha Beta Mediation. We provide mediation services in family, civil, commercial and all common law areas. We have experience and specially trained mediators with knowledge and expertise in the areas of family, civil and commercial disputes including small claims, workplace and community mediation.

No dispute is insurmountable however big or complicated and that is why you should think about mediating your dispute with Alpha Beta Mediation.

Our panel of mediators are fully insured and accredited professionals able to provide comprehensive mediation services. From your first contact through to the pre-mediation formalities to the mediation and beyond your mediation experience with Alpha Beta Mediation will be friendly and positive. Our mediators have a diversity of skills and knowledge acquired from their varied professional backgrounds and along with sector expertise you are guaranteed a mediator who knows what it takes to get from a to z, from conflict to resolution, from dispute to settlement.

We appreciate that the commonly accepted mediation procedure may not be suitable for every dispute so our approach is simple – the process belongs to you, so you decide what suits your dispute best. We are flexible with our fees and we can arrange mediation by telephone and email, zoom video conference as well as in person meetings when circumstances allow.

Browse further and meet our mediators … get to know what mediation is, and how we will help resolve your dispute.