Mediation Contracts


Mediation Contractst

Mediation Contracts

Mediation contracts set out the fundamental principles of mediation, privacy, confidentiality and without prejudice negotiations. Mediation contracts are also commonly known as agreements to mediate or pre-mediation contracts. In addition to setting out the principles of mediation, mediation contracts are statements of the parties intention to negotiate in good faith in the spirit of the principles of mediation. Mediate contracts therefore form the basis for how the negotiations are to be conducted and unless stated otherwise are mostly (community mediations sometimes being the exception) legally binding instruments. The signing of a mediation contract by all parties including the mediator(s) is done before the mediation commences. Mediation contracts, like ours, should be drafted in plain English, be simple to interpret and easy to read.

See links below & download copies of our mediation contracts and terms and conditions for ease of reference.

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