Community Mediation Fees

Alpha Beta Mediation Community Mediations provide up to 10-hours mediating time including preparation individual and joint meetings and 2-hours drafting mediation documents at £400 only. This applies only to  non-financial Community Mediations for residents of Camden, Islington and Haringey and if the referring agency is a local council, housing trust, housing association or other referring organisation. Community Mediations will be conducted normally at a venue of the referring organisation’s preference or remotely by suitable video programme. Alpha Beta Mediation reserves the right to charge either the referring organisation or participants of applicable 12-hour fixed non-financial Community Mediation reasonable travel costs if meetings are not conducted remotely. If a non-financial Community Mediation is likely to require more than the fixed 12-hour mediation time Alpha Beta Mediation will inform the referring organisation or participants before any costs are charged

12-hour fixed non-financial Community Mediations are based on a two party dispute. Costs for non-financial Community Mediations where there are two or more participants to be agreed in advance by arrangement with the referring organisation or participants. For further information regarding 12-hour fixed non-financial Community Mediations, Community Mediation procedures, costs and any other Community Mediation related enquiry please contact our Community Mediation Team or email  or telephone 020 7383 2067.