Community Mediation Fees

Community mediation fees are based on a two party dispute and are per party for the instruction and appointment of a mediator. If one party is eligible for community mediation concessionary rates and the other party is not, the other party is treated as being eligible for concessionary rates also. This only applies to a two party dispute. Where community mediation fees apply to both parties the lower rate fee will be applied to both parties. Community mediation fees do not include, if appropriate, venue costs. For further information regarding rates and venue costs please contact or telephone 020 7383 2067.

  Hourly Rates Fixed Rates
Household incomeMediation fees per partyMediation fees per party
Band 1up to £9,999FreeFree
Band 2£10,000 to £20,999 £20 per hour£60
Band 3£21,000 to £30,999 £30 per hour£90
Band 4£31,000 to £40,999£40 per hour£120
Band 5£41,000 plus £50 per hour£150

Band 1 concessionary community mediation fees rates are offered to those in receipt of Income Support, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Income Based Employment and Support Allowance, Personal Independence Payment or Guarantee Credit at the time of the mediation. Parties in Band 1 not in receipt of the above benefits are entitled to partial concessions up to 50% of Band 2 rate if in receipt of other benefits such as Working Tax or Child Allowance Credits.

Fixed community mediation fees allow for a 3 hour mediation, plus 1.5 hours pre-mediation preparation. If the mediation runs over 3 hours there is no overtime fee up to 1 hour. Thereafter overtime is charged per hour per party at Band 2 hourly rate capped to 2 hours.