Family Mediations

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When a relationship breaks down there are many practical issues to deal with which can be difficult for people to deal with especially when emotions are high.

People will often have to discuss things like;

What will happen to the house?
Where will everyone live?
How to separate finances and assets?
What happens to the pensions?
What are spousal payments?
How much child support payments?
Child care and contact arrangements?

Alpha Beta Mediation’s team of experienced Family Mediators have the skills and expertise to help people through this stressful period and help people to separate their properties and finances and help them make new and lasting child care arrangements.

Family Mediation can help people arrange all the issues that tie them together when they are no longer a couple. Family Mediation is a private and confidential process. Family Mediation is not only good for people who want to make their own arrangements for how they deal with their properties and finances and child arrangements it is when compared to the alternative contested family court proceedings considerably less expensive and less time consuming. It is no wonder therefore that Family Mediation is now the most widely used Alternative Dispute Resolution process for people wanting to resolve their family issues privately themselves.  

Family Mediation is a voluntary process so no person is forced to mediate if they do not want to although all people involved in a separation or divorce must attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) first before applying to a court for financial relief or child arrangements.

A MIAM is an individual meeting with a mediator in which the issues are outlined and the mediation process explained. A MIAM will last for approximately 45-minutes and at the end of which either substantive mediation sessions will take place or the relevant court application form will be certificated by our mediators [£20 fee applies for all court application forms completed].

A typical all issue [AIM] Family Mediation will include discussions relating to matters of property and finances and all matters relating to child arrangements. A normal AIM Family Mediation will  require up to 6 substantive mediation meetings.

A property and finance [P&F] only Family Mediation is a Family Mediation concerning matters relating to property and finance only. A typical P&F Family Mediation will require up to 4 substantive mediation meetings.

A child only [CO] Family Mediation is a Family Mediation concerning child arrangements only. A typical CO mediation will require up to 2 substantive mediation meetings.

Alpha Beta Mediation’s substantive Family Mediation sessions last 1.5-hours per session with mediation sessions normally taking place every 4 or 5 weeks.