Small Claims Mediations

Small Claims Mediation Not Small Fry

Small Claims Mediation Not Small Fry

At Alpha Beta Mediation we understand that a small claims dispute with a value up to £10,000 is just as important as a dispute valued 100-times as much. 

Small claims mediations are mediations that encompass all types of common law disputes with an economic value of less than £10,000. Small claims mediations are designed to be speedy and cheap and participants can expect to settle their dispute within a few hours. Small claim mediations are especially suitable for participants without legal representation.

Most small claims mediations can be conducted by telephone and email but if this is not possible we provide a half-day [4-hour] small claims mediation meeting at a fixed rate. Our small claims mediation team can provide a flexible and comprehensive mediation service for all civil and commercial disputes up to a value of £10.000 so;

Avoid time consuming and costly litigation and the possibility of costs outstripping the value of dispute and settle your small claims dispute by mediation.