Community Mediation Services Mediation Agreement

Many community mediation providers believe that a community mediated dispute cannot be a legally binding agreement. We however do not subscribe to this practice as we believe in choice and the right to choose. So our community mediation services provides our community mediation participants with an option that others do not, have their agreement governed by law or not. 

Below is an example of a Community Mediated Agreement:

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Mediation Agreement






Date of Mediation:                                                                                                                                  Venue:                

                                                                                 Terms of Agreement:

1. Party 1 ensures that all branches of the apple tree over hanging Party 2 garden may be cut by Party 2 provided Party 1 is given notice first.

2. Party 2 agrees to keep only cars belonging to his immediate family on the shared driveway.

3. The Parties both agree that any future problems will be communicated first to each other by either telephone (mobile or land line) or email.

This agreement is not legally binding and is dependent upon the goodwill of the parties but if the parties agree the agreement may be governed by the rules of contract under English Law.


(Delete as appropriate) I (*agree/do not agree) to this agreement being governed by the rules of contract under English Law


NB: If you agree that this agreement be shared with either your Housing Officer or any other interested third party referrer please sign below.