Employment & Workplace Mediations

Employment Workplace Mediation, Conflict Resolution

Workplace Mediation Resolves Employment Conflict

Employment and workplace disputes are stressful for all concerned. Most prudent employers will do everything they can to manage conflicts and resolve them early especially as protracted workplace disputes can effect moral and productivity as well as taking up significant management time and resources. 

We have experienced employment and workplace mediators who have expertise dealing with most employment and workplace disputes including:

  • relationship breakdown
  • bullying
  • harassment
  • race discrimination
  • sexual discrimination
  • working conditions
  • working hours
  • maternity/paternity rights
  • leave
  • redundancy
  • senior executive and board level disputes
  • discipline including unfair and constructive dismissal 
  • pay
  • performance related bonuses

And we have mediators who can help restore harmony in the office, shop or warehouse. 

Employment and workplace mediations can be conducted face to face at the workplace or at a neutral venue or by telephone mediation. Employment and  workplace mediations are quick and cheap with a 75% success rate (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) survey 2008).

Don’t allow a workplace dispute to effect business, forget the costs and uncertainty of employment tribunals think of employment and workplace mediations instead.

What does it cost?

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