Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical mediation last for?

This depends on the type of dispute. For a Civil and Commercial mediation with a value over £10.000 half a day or 4-hours with a minimum of 2-hours preparation time is normal. For a dispute under £10.000 a minimum of 2-hours should be budgeted for.

What about Family mediations?

A Family mediation is slightly different from other areas of mediation in that there will normally be anything from 1 to 6 sessions lasting 1-hour per session spread over a period of time.

How much is it to mediate?

To mediate your dispute is really cheap. Mediation costs start from as little as £20 per hour. When you consider 75% of all mediated disputes settle, mediation is really a cost effective method.

Who pays for the mediation?

Normally both sides share the costs of instructing a mediator. Both sides also share the costs for venue hire if appropriate.

Where do mediations take place?

Mediations can be conducted as near to the parties home or workplace as possible. This helps keep costs down to a minimum.

What if I cannot face the other party but want to mediate?

If the claim is valued higher than £10.000 we can arrange for the mediation to be conducted by plenary sessions or separate meetings. If the dispute is valued under £10.000 or is a single issue dispute we can arrange for a telephone mediation. Telephone mediations may take place over several days.

Who makes the arrangements for the mediation?

We make all the arrangements for the mediation from introducing the most suitable mediator to booking the nearest venue. Our administrative team will liaise with all external third parties so the parties can concentrate on the issues and how to resolve them.